We are committed to deliver the best service to our customers. If, however, you still have remarks or complaints about the service we have provided, please contact: 

AIG Europe S.A. (Bulgaria branch), 1113 Sofia, Sofia Municipality – Izgrev District, Iztok, 3B Nikolay Haytov Street, Building 7, UIC 200251454.

Tel.: +359 2 800 33 00

Email: aig.bulgaria@aig.com

In order for us to respond to your request in a due course, please state your insurance policy number, claim number or both. We will do our utmost to resolve your issue or difficulty. If, however, you are not completely satisfied, you can address your issue with the Financial Supervision Commission, which supervises the insurance industry in Bulgaria at the following address:
1000 Sofia, 16 Budapeshta str.