As our aim is to provide the best claim handling in case of a loss we kindly ask you to report the claim without a delay, immediately after discovery. You can do that by filling out a Claim Notification form i.e. Rules of claims settlement and send it back to AIG Europe Limited (Bulgaria Branch), 1113 Sofia, Iztok, 3A Nikolay Haytov Street, Building 8, Floor 4 or email it to our email address:

In case of a severe damage causing parts of the business standing still, please call us immediately at +359 2 930 93 59 or +359 2 930 93 30 for further instructions.

For updates on the claim handling process or other claim related questions you can contact our Claims Department at +359 2 930 93 26 or +359 2 930 93 30 or

When you have filled out the claim form we kindly ask you to send the form to:
Iztok, 3A Nikolay Haytov Street
Building 8, Floor 4 
1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
Claims Department 

or our email address:

Please call our claims department at:
+359 2 930 93 26 if you need advice.